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    Keep your roads safe and efficient

    Prioritize safety, minimize highway congestion, and increase the operational efficiency of your transportation hubs with Interact. With an Interact connected lighting system, you can set light schedules on your highway to save energy while ensuring clear visibility for drivers. Lighting specifically designed for tunnels eliminates the “black hole” effect at tunnel entrances and improves roadway safety once inside. You can continuously monitor the energy consumption and performance of light points on your roadways and in your tunnels, maximizing the efficiency of your operations and maintenance.
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    Make your roads safer

    LED luminaires provide targeted, high-quality light with a substantially longer life than conventional lighting, aiding visibility and reducing road accidents. With Interact, you can monitor your entire lighting network remotely and in real time, identify faults and outages, and schedule maintenance efficiently, all from an intuituve web-based dashboard.
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    Gather data for more intelligent operations

    Interact works with multisensors that comply with the Zhaga-D4i interface standard for smart luminaires. Sensing capabilities include radar motion (people and vehicles), tilt, vibration, ambient noise, and temperature. Sensor data is stored and analyzed in the Interact IoT platform in the cloud, and can be used for visualizations, reports, and integration with other smart management systems.
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    Open APIs and security

    With open APIs, partners and third parties can integrate lighting commands and share data with other smart systems. Interact's policies and processes are aligned with global standards such as ISO/IEC 2700x—Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Interact is the first connected lighting system to be certified to IEC 62443-4-1.

    What you can do with Interact

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    Lighting asset management

    • Identify opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs
    • Rapidly respond to faults and outages with data-rich alerts
    • Manage all of your light points centrally and remotely
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    Scene management

    • Maximize visibility and safety on your roadways
    • Adjust lighting in response to accidents or traffic
    • Ensure a great driver experience in tunnels—no “black hole” effect
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    Energy optimization

    • Monitor lighting energy usage to maximize efficiency
    • Minimize lighting-related CO2 emissions
    • Reduce energy and operational costs

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