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    Indoor navigation

    Enhance the intelligence of illuminated spaces with an "indoor GPS"

    Hyper-accurate indoor positioning uses LED light to create an “indoor GPS” that enables location-based services. These include wayfinding in offices and aisle-side promotions and shopper assistance requests in retail environments. Combat overcrowding and better understand people movement and behavior to optimize floorplans based on the needs and habits of the people who use your illuminated spaces. Monitor in-store footfall traffic and design customer-first layouts that make life easier for shoppers and increase profits. Support social distancing and related measures with safe workspace designs informed by real-time and historical data.
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    Improve workplace efficiency

    Help employees find the best available workspace even before they leave home. Using real-time occupancy data, a smartphone app displays all available workspaces in a floorplan format, reducing the amount of time spent looking for a resource, free desk, or meeting room, and supporting social distancing.
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    Lay it all out

    Anonymized location data offers insight into people movement and behavior. Use visualizations and reports to optimize your office layout based on existing employee patterns. In a retail environment, analyze the foot traffic of shoppers and adjust key product locations accordingly, helping you up-sell, adjust your store layout to make it more attractive and effective, and eliminate wasted space.
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    Put shoppers first

    Interact-enabled retail apps let shoppers locate products or services in store and navigate to them directly. Shoppers can upload a shopping list before their visit, get guidance while on the premises, and enjoy the most efficient route through your store. You can personalize the customer experience by sending shoppers relevant promotions while in store, then analyze the effectiveness of your in-store marketing campaigns. Shoppers can ask store personnel to come to them. rather than having to seek them out.
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    How Interact Indoor navigation works

    VLC (visible light communication) enables data communications using the invisible flickering of LED lighting. This data can be detected by the camera on a smartphone, which can then be located on a map of the space. VLC is hyper-accurate, determining the location of a customer’s mobile device within 30cm (about 1 foot). With a mobile app developed using the Interact Indoor navigation software development kits (SDKs), users can enjoy location-aware wayfinding, information, in-aisle promotions, and other location-enabled services.

    Indoor navigation at work

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    • Help employees locate resources, colleagues, and available workspaces using a mobile app
    • Use real-time occupancy data to gain insights into employee work patterns
    • Encourage social distancing and other measures designed to support employee well-being
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    • Help workers navigate, follow step-by-step instructions, or efficiently plan activity flows
    • Improve staff safety by putting measures in place that support social distancing
    • Optimize productivity and safety by accurately tracking people and assets across your facility
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    • Adjust store layouts based on data-driven insights into customer footfall
    • Use data to analyze the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns
    • Personalize the retail experience for shoppers and enhance brand loyalty

    Partnering with Interact

    Indoor navigation application

    Interact Indoor navigation partner program

    We’re partnering with innovative technology companies to help you transform illuminated spaces using indoor navigation.
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    YellowDot luminaire certification  program

    The YellowDot program lets lighting manufacturers test and certify that their luminaires work with Interact Indoor navigation.

    Discover what indoor navigation can do for you

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    How an Interact system works

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    Interact systems consist of Interact software, connected luminaires, and optional Signify services.

    Connected LED lighting from Philips

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    Interact systems work with energy-efficient, flexible, professional LED lighting from Philips.

    Customized services from Signify

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    Lighting services tailored to your specific needs ensure that your assets are managed effectively.

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