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    Join us as we explore the IoT and share knowledge, opinions and perspectives from business experts and leaders.

    Leading analysts and researchers agree that security is among the top challenges facing the IoT today. With so much connectivity and data flowing through so many interconnected systems, how do you keep everything secure?

    Is the IoT scalable for your business?

    Data driven tech is changing the rules

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    Smart cities and the new mobility

    Smart cities and the new mobility

    Take a look at some of the amazing smart city mobility applications enabled by the internet of things.
    • Smart cities could make people feel better. Literally.

      Smart cities could make people feel better. Literally.

      Is it possible to create smart, human cities that enable people to live well-balanced lives suitable to their own needs?

    • Smart street lighting webinar

      Smart street lighting webinar

      How can connected street lighting help cities achieve their smart ambitions? This is just one of the questions addressed in our latest webinar.

    • Smart cities: beyond the hype

      Smart cities: beyond the hype

      How close are cities to achieving their smart city aims and what are the lessons learned so far? Read the Smart Cities World report.

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    • Interact IoT Platform

      Interact IoT Platform

      Find out more about the benefits Interact IoT Platform and connected lighting can bring you, your customers, citizens and employees.

    • Customer stories

      Customer stories

      Overview of our Interact case studies.

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