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    The ultimate experience for watching, listening, or participating

    Interact enables flexible, multi- purpose venues that can generate new revenue streams, host different types of events, excite audiences in new and unique ways, and create new business opportunities. Manage all the lighting in your stadium, arena, or recreational facility—including pitch lighting, entertainment lighting, and lighting for façades, roof, training grounds, and stands. Flexibly adjust your lighting from event to event or create a set style for brand consistency. Entertain fans with customized light shows before, during, and after the main event, and attract sponsors with light experiences that promote their offerings and brands. Enhance your recreational facilities with pre-programmed, adjustable light settings and data-gathering capabilities.

    Stadiums & arenas

    Inside a football stadium at night
    Create multipurpose venues that generate revenue, attract different events, uncover new business opportunities, and entertain fans with stunning light shows. Comprehensively manage all lighting, from the parking to the pitch, façade, and hospitality areas.

    Recreational facilities

    Local football pitch with match ongoing
    Improve operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability while delivering a memorable brand experience. Deliver the right light, offer wayfinding, and support your bottom line across the entire airport experience, from approach roads to takeoff.
    Aerial shot of a football stadium façade at night

    Make a bold statement

    Take control of your venue lighting through an intuitive dashboard. Design lighting scenes for game days, one-off events, or concerts, and adjust them with ease. Craft premium fan experiences through bold, unique light shows and distinctive stadium façades. Create unforgettable memories for your fans and increase civic engagement with your stadium.
    Male atheletes taking a break on locker room floor

    Deliver the human touch

    Lighting has a profound impact on the body. Bio-adaptive lighting uses science-based lighting recipes that support human circadian rhythms to boost performance and well-being. Use bio-adaptive recipes in dressing rooms for focus, intensity, or relaxation. Small changes make big differences at the elite level—make your locker room part of the winning formula.
    Birds-eye view of highway

    Support recreation in your community

    Centrally manage lighting for recreational sports facilities. Increase operating hours and discover new business opportunities through greater flexibility and responsiveness to visitor needs. Pre-schedule light settings for training sessions or matches to save valuable time. Analyze lighting system data to improve operational efficiency and to explore potential revenue streams and new services.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting management icon

    Lighting management

    • Manage all your stadium lighting through an intuitive dashboard
    • Enhance the fan experience with elite, reliable field lighting
    • Manage connected lighting for your recreational sports and training facilities
    Scene management icon

    Scene management

    • Activate pre-programmed lighting shows and scenes for training sessions or matches
    • Create standout light shows to enhance the fan experience
    • Flexibly change façade and stadium lighting for different events
    Bio-adaptive lighting icon

    Circadian lighting

    • Improve athlete focus and well-being in the locker room
    • Energize athletes before an event and relax them after
    • Get an edge over your competition

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