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    Space analysis

    Healthy and green buildings attract the most valuable tenants

    The way businesses view their office space has changed. They want newer, better-equipped buildings that combine aesthetic appeal with a best-in-class infrastructure dedicated to employee well-being. If your building doesn’t support those needs, they may search for a new space in a building that does. 


    Developing a healthy and green workplace depends on gathering and analyzing large sets of data — data that allows businesses to better understand how their space is used and create an environment that’s perfectly tailored to their employees.

    Track occupancy

    Sensors track desk occupancy at either the room or floor plan level to avoid overcrowding and improve productivity. With analytics, property managers can track metrics and gather insights to optimize the workplace and reduce costs for unused space.
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    Monitor working conditions

    Sensors distributed throughout an office space can monitor many aspects of the environment, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, levels of volatile organic compounds, and atmospheric pressure. Your business tenants can use this sensor data to ensure the best working conditions for their employees. Business owners are far more likely to extend their tenancy in a building that facilitates employee well-being.
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    Achieve building standards certification

    Earning a building standards certification will make your building more attractive to potential tenants. Take the WELL Building Standard, for example, which links office design, policies, and built environment strategies to health and well being outcomes. Interact Space analysis can help you meet WELL Building standards and attract high-quality tenants.
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    Space analysis at work

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    • Collect actionable data to optimize building systems and improve tenant well-being
    • Create an attractive building for potential tenants
    • Support your mission to achieve healthy building standard certification
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    • Reduce operational costs with high-level insights into occupancy
    • Use collected data on environmental conditions to minimize the risk of accidents
    • Lay the foundations for a smart, connected facility and stay ahead of industrial trends

    Discover what Space analysis can do for you

    • How Interact works

      How Interact works

      An Interact system is like a smart, responsive computer network that gives light, using wired and wireless communications send control commands to the system.

    • Health and wellbeing

      Health and wellbeing

      Interact takes a human-centric approach to lighting and to business, using lighting's impact on our body clocks to improve employee well-being and performance.

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