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    Circadian lighting

    Improve well-being and light in step with the body’s circadian rhythm

    The role light plays in our day-to-day experience cannot be overstated. Lack of light, and even lack of the right light, has been proven to disrupt the human circadian rhythm, which regulates the daily sleep-wake cycle. This can lead to a variety of health problems—stress, sleep deprivation and depression to name but a few.
    Circadian lighting uses dynamic LED luminaires—tunable white and full-color— and evidence-based lighting recipes (dynamic lighting scenes) to improve mood, performance, and overall well-being.
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    Set the tone

    Lighting recipes are specially designed to work in tandem with the body’s circadian rhythm, with each recipe scientifically validated to produce or enhance specific positive outcomes. Use these recipes—which rely on distinctive, slowly-changing combinations of color and intensity—to influence your employees or customers to focus, relax, concentrate, or even wake up effectively and reliably.
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    Energize your workforce

    Improve productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction with specially designed circadian lighting recipes. Enhance mood, well-being, and concentration with dynamic light shows that change slowly throughout the day. The Interact workspace app lets office workers personalize the lighting at their workspaces with a smartphone, boosting feelings of ownership, engagement, and satisfaction.
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    Relax your guests

    Getting your lighting right can be the difference between a rested, happy hotel guest and a tired, frustrated one. Interact lets you create unique wake-up experiences, automatically dim lighting in the evening before bed, and provide low-level illumination on the way to the bathroom at night, minimizing sleep disruption. Let guests personalize the lighting in guest rooms for enhanced comfort and relaxation.
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    Enhance elite performance

    Improve athlete focus and well-being with locker room lighting designed to energize, increase concentration and relaxation as needed. At the elite level, small changes make big differences. Make your locker room part of your winning formula with bio-adaptive lighting from Interact.

    Circadian lighting at work

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    • Use evidence-based lighting recipes to maximize employee safety, satisfaction, and well-being
    • Boost the morale, productivity, and efficiency of your staff
    • Give your employees the power to personalize their own workspace lighting
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    • Enhance guest comfort and relaxation
    • Ensure a restful night’s sleep
    • Offer a natural wake-up experience
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    • Improve athlete focus and well-being in the locker room
    • Energize athletes before an event and relax them after
    • Get an edge over your competition

    Discover what circadian lighting can do for you

    • Lighting for well-being in industry

      Lighting for well-being in industry

      What kind of lighting do workers need to ensure safety, comfort, and the efficient completion of tasks? How might smart lighting management balance the needs of human users with the need to optimize energy savings and minimize costs?

    • IoT-based connected lighting – Copenhagen

      IoT-based connected lighting – Copenhagen

      As part of a broader plan to use integrated IT and communication technologies to improve citizen services, the municipality of Albertslund in Copenhagen has installed the first IoT-based connected lighting system in the Nordics. The connected lighting system is supported by Cisco switch technology.

    How an Interact system works

    Man looking at dashboard on computer screen
    Interact systems consist of Interact software, connected luminaires, and optional Signify services.

    Connected LED lighting from Philips

    Staircase in a hotel lobby
    Interact systems work with energy-efficient, flexible, professional LED lighting from Philips.

    Customized services from Signify

    Manager giving employee instructions
    Lighting services tailored to your specific needs ensure that your assets are managed effectively.

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