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    Circadian lighting for sports

    Unlock the right mood and help athletes perform at their best

    Lighting recipes based on research into the profound effect that light has on health, well-being, and performance can give performers and athletes the edge they need to do their best, and the atmosphere they need to unwind after the game or show.
    Male basketball players taking a break on changing room floor

    Enhance elite performance

    Use Interact Circadian lighting in dressing rooms, with uniquely designed lighting recipes that enhance focus, intensity, or relaxation as needed. Fine margins are the difference between winning and losing in elite sports—give players the additional edge they need and make your locker room part of the winning formula.
    Football player leading team motivational chant in changing room

    Set the mood

    Create a calming dressing room environment post-game, helping players wind down with lighting recipes that soothe and relax. Need to calm players’ nerves before a big game? Pump them up after a bad performance? Bio-adaptive lighting can help.
    Sports venue manager using smart phone

    Embrace cutting-edge technology

    Put your venue at the forefront of human-centric lighting. Interact Circadian lighting takes light beyond illumination, putting into practice the latest science on how lighting affects mood and performance.

    More Interact capabilities for sports

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    Lighting management

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    Scene management

    See what Interact can do

    • Smart stadium lighting – Atletico Madrid

      Smart stadium lighting – Atletico Madrid

      Atletico Madrid and Wanda Metropolitano wanted to create an immersive fan experience with connected LED lighting enabled by Interact Sports software.

    • Connected stadium – fan experience

      Connected stadium – fan experience

      As Turkey’s largest multipurpose venue, the Sinan Erdem Arena has installed Interact Sports management software to bring a connected stadium concept to life using connected LED lighting infrastructure.

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