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    Scene management for sports

    Make the arena experience mean more

    Make your arena more than just a venue hosting entertainment—make it part of the entertainment itself. Dynamic lighting ensures the arena experience is memorable for fans before, during, and after the game, with full-color light shows both inside and outside the venue. Strengthen your branding and build new revenue streams with fresh advertisement opportunities for sponsors. In recreational facilities, pre-program light settings so that every activity is receiving the right light at the right time, saving money and energy.
    A football manager controlling a stadiums lighting on his smartphone

    Take control

    Centrally manage, monitor, and control your venue’s lighting—from pitch lighting to entertainment lighting, façade lighting, and lighting for hospitality areas and amenities. Improve operational efficiency through lighting schedules, and take advantage of personalization options for a more user-friendly experience.
    Looking up inside a large stadium to see the ceiling illuminated with red lighting and red fireworks

    Enhance venue experience

    Deliver the best fan experiences by integrating lighting with live entertainment, sound effects, and recorded music. Use lighting scenes to promote teams and performers. Create spectacular light shows that extend the gameday experience. You can even bathe the arena in the home team’s colors in-game when they score.

    Generate new revenue

    Attract sponsors and generate new revenue by offering fresh advertisement and branding opportunities. Promote your stadium as a premium venue, and enhance your own branding with façade lighting that makes your venue stand out.
    The Austrailian 'Optus Stadium' from the perspective of the sky

    Select the light you need

    Activate pre-programmed light settings at recreational facilities to give players the right light for every activity. Select the light setting that best suits training sessions or matches, with variations for time of day, season, or weather. Make real-time adjustments from anywhere with a touch or a tap.

    More Interact capabilities for sports

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    Lighting management

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    Bio-adaptive lighting

    See what Interact can do

    • A new experience – Optus Stadium

      A new experience – Optus Stadium

      With the goal of creating the ultimate fan experience, the recent all-LED lighting and Interact Sports software at Optus Stadium makes it the premier multipurpose venue in the Southern Hemisphere.

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