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    About us

    Interact is the flagship professional connected lighting software brand from Signify, the world leader in lighting. It is a portfolio of IoT-enabled software suites that manage connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect.

    Interact software manages, monitors, and controls lighting systems that include connected luminaires, sensors, and other connected devices from Signify and third-party manufacturers.

    Signify brands that work seamlessly with Interact include:

    Philips Lighting | LED - Conventional lighting solutions
    Philips is Signify’s global brand for professional and consumer lighting.
    Color Kinetics logo
    Color Kinetics is Signify’s brand for dynamic architectural lighting systems.
    Strand logo
    Strand is the original stage lighting technology brand with everything that unforgettable shows and events need.
    Vari-lite logo
    Originators of the moving light, Vari-Lite is synonymous with spectacle.
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