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    Optimize your healthcare facility with smart lighting

    There are all types of rooms and occupants in healthcare facilities—each with their own unique needs—and managing these differing needs is essential to the running of an efficient healthcare facility. With IoT-enabled connected lighting, you can transform your hospital or clinic into a state-of-the-art smart facility that improves staff experience and patient care and lets you manage your maintenance effectively. In addition to improving your facility’s cost-efficiency, making the switch to green lighting can help you achieve a healthy building

    accreditation—such as the WELL Building Standard.

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    Improve patient and staff well-being

    Improve patient recovery rates and staff well-being with human-centric lighting recipes. Lighting plays a vital role in the lives of patients staying for multiple days or nurses working long night shifts. Counteract stress, fatigue, and disrupted sleep patterns with luminaires that mirror the human circadian rhythm.
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    Achieve your sustainability goals

    Interact connects tunable luminaires, motion sensors, and other assets to minimize energy usage, provide you with valuable data on your facility, and help you cut down on carbon emissions. Switching to LED lighting can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by around 60%. When that lighting is connected and properly managed with Interact, those savings can reach up to 80%.
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    Make your facility easy to navigate

    Increase traffic flow and patient turnover, save your staff valuable time, boost operational efficiency, and improve patient satisfaction with Interact indoor navigation and real-time location software. With indoor wayfinding, you reduce instances of missed appointments, staff interruptions, and patient dissatisfaction, decreasing stress levels for everyone.
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    Optimize space and track assets

    Real-time occupancy monitoring with detailed analytics provides information on how spaces are used. From heat mapping and people counting to route planning and real-time asset tracking, Interact provides you with granular insights into your facility. With this information, you can increase operational efficiency, streamline maintenance, and direct resources according to your priorities.
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    Inactivate viruses

    Keep your patients, staff, and guests protected from viruses and harmful bacteria with the right lighting. Controllable Philips UV-C lighting inactivates viruses such as COVID-19 within a matter of minutes—and does so with much greater energy efficiency than its ventilation-based alternatives.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting Management

    Lighting management

    • Monitor and manage your lighting across multiple floors and sites
    • Access insights into lighting usage via an intuitive dashboard
    • Optimize your lighting to reduce operational costs
    Lighting asset management

    Lighting asset management

    • Monitor and manage lighting performance across your entire facility
    • Immediately respond to faults and outages with a remote diagnostics dashboard
    Energy optimization

    Energy optimization

    • Minimize energy usage with smart lighting controls
    • Use IoT data to reduce carbon emissions for your facility
    • Daylight harvesting and occupancy detection minimize lighting-related energy use
    Circadian lighting

    Circadian lighting

    • Adjust light intensity and color temperatures to improve staff and patient well-being, alertness, and sleeping habits
    • Simulate the experience of natural sunlight with NatureConnect and give patients a sense of connection with the outdoors
    Space management

    Space management

    • Gain insights into space usage to create an environment that meets the needs of your facility
    • Lower facility costs without compromising staff efficiency or patient satisfaction
    • Use insights to optimize cleaning schedules
    Environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring

    • Collect real-time and historical data on your healthcare facility to improve working conditions and operational efficiency
    • Use a variety of sensors to gather accurate data on temperature, humidity, daylight, occupancy, and noise levels
    Indoor navigation

    Indoor navigation

    • Guide both staff and patients to where they want to go with real-time indoor positioning data
    • Hyper-accurate indoor navigation enables countless new applications to save medical staff valuable time
    Scene management

    Scene management

    • Tailor and target lighting experiences to support the activities and needs of different spaces
    • Set lighting schedules or dimming programs
    • Alter spaces with personalized lighting via a smartphone app

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