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    Circadian lighting for offices

    Put employee health and well-being front and center

    Today, workspaces need to offer something extra for you to attract and retain high-value employees. Human-centric office lighting supports relaxation, focus, and a healthy sleep/wake cycle, letting you reap the benefits of a happier, more productive staff.
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    Entice employees back to the office

    With hybrid and home working increasingly the norm, it’s up to employers to entice their workers back to the office. Make on-site working an experience worth the commute, with uniquely designed, human-centric lighting recipes that are scientifically proven to mitigate stress and enhance mood and well-being.
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    Drive performance

    It’s not just employee mood that’s lifted by bio-adaptive lighting, it’s performance too. Boost concentration and productivity through dynamic light scenes that change slowly throughout the day and reap the benefits in your business: a fully engaged staff operating at their best produce better results.
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    Take steps towards healthy building certifications

    Interact Circadian lighting contributes to requirements laid out in standards such as BREEAM and WELL. Achieving healthy building certifications increases the value of your properties and makes them more inviting to the kinds of employees you want to attract and engage.
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    Empower people with personalization

    Let employees control their own lighting, personalizing according to their own wants and requirements, guaranteeing the right light at the right time and offering a greater sense of work autonomy. Preset lighting recipes cater to the current mood or the task at hand.

    More Interact capabilities for office

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    Lighting asset management

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    Lighting management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

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    Multisite management

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    Space management

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    Environmental monitoring

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      IoT-based connected lighting – Copenhagen

      As part of a broader plan to use integrated IT and communication technologies to improve citizen services, the municipality of Albertslund in Copenhagen has installed the first IoT-based connected lighting system in the Nordics. The connected lighting system is supported by Cisco switch technology.

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