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    Energy optimization for offices

    Use data to unlock your business’ sustainability potential

    When net zero ambitions or green building certifications are on the table, you need comprehensive, system-wide data to take the waste out of lighting-related energy consumption and take steps toward making your enterprise more sustainable.
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    Monitor energy usage

    Identify areas of your building where energy is being wasted and use this data to create a workspace that meets the needs of your business. Set an energy consumption baseline to quantify system energy savings, optimize lighting schedules, and discover where you can take advantage of daylight harvesting.
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    Meet sustainability targets

    It’s up to businesses to lead the way in climate action. If you have sustainability goals, you need technology to help you reach them. By providing detailed information on your facility’s energy output, Interact Energy optimization keeps you focused on reducing energy use and carbon emissions.
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    Manage multiple offices

    Monitor your energy use across multiple locations. Compare energy consumption between sites and get an overview of how efficiently your enterprise is running. Use data to make informed decisions regarding your lighting scheduling.

    More Interact capabilities for offices

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    Lighting asset management

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    Lighting management

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    Multisite management

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    Indoor navigation

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    Space management

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    Bio-adaptive lighting

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    Environmental monitoring

    See what Interact can do

    • The connected office is sustainable

      The connected office is sustainable

      Part 2 of a three-part series details how connected systems can help business achieve their sustainability goals, including zero carbon operations.

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    Join our developer community for access to open APIs and other development tools. You can create personal assistance apps, integrate with building management systems, analyze collected data for new insights, and much more.

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