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    Lighting management for offices

    Increase lighting efficiency and cut costs in your office

    Manage all your office lighting through a single, intuitive dashboard, whether it’s your building’s workspaces, corridors, lobbies, outdoor areas, or façades. Comprehensive lighting system management increases operational efficiency and allows you to form insights based on data visualizations and analysis. Specifically target lighting behaviors to business priorities and adjust easily as your needs change. Let your connected system form the basis for IoT-enabling all your illuminated spaces, laying the foundation for the smart office.
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    Streamline operations

    With centralized management of all lighting in your building, you can tailor lighting behavior to support your specific businesses and employee needs while maximizing energy efficiency. Make decisions based on insights delivered to your dashboard, cutting lighting in unused areas or setting dimming patterns that save energy costs without adding to operational overhead.
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    Go beyond illumination

    Embrace the smart workplace by distributing IoT applications throughout your office’s illuminated spaces—lighting personalization, indoor wayfinding, dynamic resource booking, support for health and well-being practices, and more. Embracing smart lighting makes your office more appealing to employees, encouraging them to come into the office in this age of hybrid and home working.
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    Monitor usage and make sustainable changes

    Minimize energy use and hit sustainability targets through monitoring, reporting, and analysis of real-time and historical energy usage. Conserve energy and move toward sustainable operations with a range of efficiency features, including dimming schedules, light harvesting, and presence detection that show your commitment to sustainability.
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    Control on a micro or macro level

    Manage and monitor individual light points, groups of light points, or your entire system remotely. You can check your office’s operational status, schedule, switch, and dim lighting, or troubleshoot from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time.
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     Adapt and scale

    Start small—managing lighting on a single floor of your office, for example—then scale as your plans and budgets dictate. Easily configure and reconfigure your system as your lighting needs grow and change.
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    Manage with ease

    Interact’s intuitive dashboard gathers all operations insights in one location, giving you the overall view you need to make informed decisions. You can make adjustments through the dashboard too, for maximum efficiency.

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