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    YellowDot program

    Certify your luminaires for Interact indoor navigation


    The YellowDot program is a luminaire certification program that allows manufacturers to test and certify that their LED luminaires are interoperable with Interact indoor navigation. It is open to any luminaire manufacturer, and easily accessible.


    Best in class

    Work with the best indoor positioning solution on the market, the most deployed lighting-based indoor positioning system in Europe, and a technology with fast-growing industry support from partners.

    Open program

    YellowDot is the only open program for lighting-based indoor positioning, allowing flexibility in purchasing luminaires from multiple parties, while ensuring interoperability with Interact indoor navigation.

    Freedom of choice

    By requesting YellowDot Certified luminaires, you can benefit from the strengths of visible light communications technology (which has no impact on light quality, driver energy consumption, or LED useful life), while enjoying freedom of choice in terms of luminaire suppliers.

    How can I participate?

    Obtaining YellowDot Certification for your luminaires is straightforward. If you have purchased Philips LED drivers in the past, you can simply contact your account manager to enroll in the certification program. If you are not an existing customer, please reach out to us via the contact form on this page.


    Once you’ve enrolled, your luminaires undergo a range of non-destructive tests. If your luminaire passes the tests, we will issue the YellowDot Certification, allowing you to apply the YellowDot Certified trademark on your luminaire and offer it as such to customers.

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    Luminaire manufacturers participating in the YellowDot program

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