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    Scene management for retail

    Show off your store in the best light

    With managed LED lighting, you have an enormous opportunity to provide your in-store customers with an exciting and personalized experience that will set you apart from your competitors and offer something that they can’t get online. Dramatic lighting shows, dynamic displays, entertainment while your customers shop—Interact Scene management opens a world of possibilities. And with dimming and scheduling, it will help you keep your energy costs down, too. 
    A manager controlling lighting in a retail store

    Enhance in-store experiences

    Create a unique shopping experience for your customers with different lighting scenes and settings for different areas and departments of your store. With lighting tailored to their wants and needs, customers are more likely to develop loyalty to your brand, and you’ll benefit from repeat business.
    A worker on the deli counter of a supermarket preparing food

    Maximize product appeal

    Make your merchandise more attractive for customers by accentuating its best features with light scenes and recipes. You can also use lighting scenes to highlight products and drive promotions. Control light points individually, in groups, and even across multiple stores to ensure a consistent customer experience.
    A fruit and vegetable isle of a supermarket

    Extend shelf life

    Certain combinations of colored light have been scientifically proven to prolong freshness in foods such as fruit, vegetables, bread and cheese. Scene management allows you to set these color recipes to keep fresh food on display for longer, extend shelf life, and ultimately increase your profits.
    An ultra-modern supermarket with glass walls and colorful lighting

    Attract customers

    Increase footfall in your store with façade and window display lighting that highlights promotions and influences shopper behavior. You can increase store traffic by 7% by setting lighting scenes that draw attention to your products—and you can control it all centrally via a tablet or smartphone.
    A supermarket worker in an apron controling the stores lighting on a tablet

    Improve energy and operational efficiency

    Run a sustainable and efficient operation with centralized management of lighting scenes, schedules, calendars, and zones. Ensure that light is only on when it’s needed to keep energy costs and consumption down.

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