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    Scene management for industry

    Ensure safety and productivity at work

    As a facility manager, the responsibility for running a productive operation falls to you. Not only do you have business targets to meet, but sustainability goals are high on the agenda too. Above all, you need to ensure your employees are happy, safe and supported. Scene management can help ensure your employees always have the right lighting at the right time.
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    Create a safer, more productive working environment

    Improve safety by automatically adjusting light levels to occupancy and work patterns. Increase intensity for performing intricate tasks or at busier times of day, and decrease intensity to conserve energy when less light is needed. This supports productivity while reducing the chance of incidents.
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    Take steps toward sustainability

    With Scene management, you don’t have to think about when to manually turn the lights up and down. Instead, you can use the Interact dashboard to automatically dim lighting when occupancy is low, helping you achieve considerable energy savings.
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    Improve operational efficiency

    Run a smooth and efficient operation with centralized management of lighting scenes, schedules, calendars, and zones. By scheduling your lighting, you’ll support safe and productive working by ensuring your employees have the appropriate lighting for their tasks.

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