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    Energy optimization for industry

    Become a sustainable facility and reach your net zero goals

    Lighting a warehouse or manufacturing facility can be costly--especially when the lights are on in areas that aren't being used. With comprehensive lighting energy usage data across your facility, you can take steps to minimize waste, letting you move toward your net zero and sustainability goals.
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    Monitor energy usage

    Keep track of energy usage in your facility — or across multiple facilities— with Interact Energy optimization. Identify areas where energy is being wasted, analyze and visualize real-time and historical data, and gain an understanding of your energy usage over time.
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    Meet sustainability targets

    It’s no longer good enough to simply be an efficient operation—you need to prove your sustainability credentials too. Detailed information on your facility’s energy usage can help you achieve your green goals, reduce your carbon footprint, and demonstrate your commitment to being a sustainable and future-conscious enterprise.
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    Increase energy efficiency

    Becoming energy efficient isn’t simply about reducing energy use, it’s about identifying smart ways to limit energy use where it’s not needed. Interact Energy optimization equips you with the data you need to make decisions that increase your facility’s energy efficiency.
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    Prolong lighting lifespan

    By monitoring and regulating your energy consumption, you can ensure your lighting assets function optimally for longer. Constant repairs and replacements can be costly—Interact Energy optimization allows you to save through smart management of your energy usage.

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