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    Multisite management for industry

    Maximize efficiency across your entire enterprise

    Energy efficiency is top of mind for many enterprises today. Interact Multisite management lets you monitor and control the lighting across all of your facilities from a single web-based dashboard, allowing you to easily refine and change lighting behaviors to maximize the efficiency of your entire operation.
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    Monitor multiple sites

    Many industrial operations are geographically dispersed, and managing all of them is time consuming. With a comprehensive, app-based overview of your lighting operations, you can make instant changes from anywhere in the world, freeing up your time so that you can focus on other activities.
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    Be free and flexible

    Manage lighting scenes, performance, scheduling, and energy consumption across multiple geographically distributed sites. With Interact Multisite management, you have the freedom and flexibility to make instant changes to your lighting not just in your own facility, but across your entire business.
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    Act on data insights

    Collecting accurate data is the key to identifying areas of improvement in your operations. Gather data insights across all the locations in your portfolio, visualize and analyze that data both historically and in real time, and make changes remotely and instantly based on your analysis.

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    See what Interact can do

    • Transforming production operations

      Transforming production operations

      With the IoT, automation, artificial intelligence, big data, and connectivity driving the 4IR, production operations will change—for the better.

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    Join our developer community for access to open APIs and other development tools. You can create personal assistance apps, integrate with building management systems, analyze collected data for new insights, and much more.

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