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    Energy optimization

    Data-based insights help you save on energy costs and meet sustainability goals

    Reach sustainability goals, comply with energy regulations and save costs with Interact Retail Energy optimization. By making smarter use of your lighting you can save you up to 20-25% on energy. Plus, you now have a dashboard that helps you measure and monitor real-time, keeping you in control so you can reinvest the savings into other areas of your store.


    Reduce costs with smart dimming 

    Use presence detection to apply smart dimming scenarios in staff-only areas that are not always in use. For example, smart dimming in a 1,300m2 store with 4,800 burning hours per year can save up to €7,379 annually. 


    Switching to LED will deliver up to 40% in energy savings. Save an additional 10-15% by scheduling your lighting to sync with your store's daily routine. 

    Constant light output

    Lighting level preservation ensures lighting is set at the correct level during installation, avoiding the need to over-specify lumen output ad helping to generate up to 10-15% in additional energy savings.

    Use light only when it’s needed 

    Daylight harvesting saves energy by using integrated sensors to adjust the lighting based on daylight levels. Create automatic schedules to dim or fully switch off lighting when it’s not needed. 

    How Energy optimization works

    The connected lighting system tracks the energy it's consuming across the store. Energy consumption data is collected and visualized in a dashboard giving insights into how much energy is consumed per area hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly. This provides an in-depth understanding into lighting-based energy usage for reporting and to inform decision-making within your business.

    Combining LED lighting with smart lighting scenarios like scheduling, presence detection, daylight harvesting and light level preservation, allows you to optimize energy usage over time to meet sustainability targets and reduce costs.

    Featured case study

    Albert Heijn XL case study

    Albert Heijn XL

    See how Albert Heijn has reduced energy costs with smart lighting enabled by Interact Retail software, while delivering a superior, engaging in-store experience for customers.

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