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    Energy optimization for transportation

    Monitor energy usage to create more efficient roadways

    With climate action ever more urgent, minimizing energy consumption is a top priority. Roadway lighting can be energy-intensive, especially when it isn't properly managed. Interact gives you the detailed, system-wide energy usage data you need to optimize your transportation network's energy profile.
    Driving through car tunnel

    Increase safety

    Put road users first by prioritizing safety and minimizing congestion. Get an overview of your roadway network lighting’s energy output and make informed decisions about where you can afford to brighten and dim luminaires while ensuring driver visibility and safety on your highways.
    Highway operator managing lighting with tablet

    Monitor energy usage

    Create an energy-efficient highway by analyzing and acting on energy usage data. Use real-time data to identify areas of your highway where energy is being wasted—for example, when roads are quiet or closed—and use this data to inform your lighting schedules.
    Multiple lane highway at night

    Meet sustainability targets

    Connected lighting is an important part of the smart highway ecosystem. With detailed information on your lighting’s energy consumption across your entire roadway network, you can focus on achieving your green goals and reducing your carbon footprint.
    Street level view of two cars on the road at night

    Build a smart highway

    Your connected lighting system can create the infrastructure on which you can build and distribute smart highway capabilities, including various kinds of monitoring via sensors and integration with other systems such as emergency response and traffic control.

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    Scene management

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