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    Lighting asset management for transportation

    Improve road safety and operations

    Get data-rich alerts and complete details on each light point in your highway or tunnel network regardless of geographical distribution. With remote, centralized monitoring and management of luminaires and other lighting system assets, you can increase operational efficiency, minimize outages and downtime, and even implement preventive maintenance measures.
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    Get a complete picture

    Interact Lighting asset management gives you real-time data on the lighting performance and outages within your road network. Monitor data on the location, status, and performance of each individual light point on your roads and highways and manage your lighting properties remotely and in detail.
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    Enhance driver safety

    Centralized monitoring and management of your road lighting assets minimizes outages and downtime, helping to keep all light points operational and delivering the right light to the right areas. Properly lit roadways support driver concentration and satisfaction while minimizing congestion and collisions.
    Highway operator using a tablet  to look at data on roadside at night

    Streamline maintenance

    Minimize outages and streamline maintenance operations with asset status data that helps you quickly identify faulty luminaires and perform preventive maintenance. Fault notifications alert you to outages, removing reliance on visual scouting. Complete asset data helps to plan repairs and resolve issues swiftly and effectively.
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    Let us help

    Enjoy peace of mind and take the hassle out of maintaining your lighting with Signify managed services. Signify service personnel monitor and manage the performance and status of your entire lighting system for you 24/7, responding immediately to any issues to ensure uptime.

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