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    Scene management

    Create the ultimate lighting environment for employee comfort, well-being and performance

    Create a better office environment with connected LED lighting and Interact Office Scene management. Set light schedules or dimming programs, and enhance employee well-being by supporting individually personalized lighting via a smart phone app. Employees can use different light recipes for concentration and brainstorming.


    Light only when it’s needed

    Create lighting schedules to suit your business, whether it's for 9-5 working hours, shifts or for seasonality. Program lights to turn on, dim or turn off at specific times ensuring you deliver quality light when it’s needed, and save money when it’s not.

    Everyone’s an individual

    People often have different lighting preferences. Why not let each employee personalize their own lighting? Using our smartphone app, employees can choose different light recipes or light levels to suit their preferences and tasks, improving performance and well-being.

    Create the right environment

    Create different scenes to support your different business activities. Program lighting scenes for different types work such as presentations, business meetings or collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

    How Scene management works

    Scene management works across your entire property - in workspaces, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces even the reception area and building façade.

    Connected LED luminaires throughout the building can be controlled remotely via software which triggers light scenes and effects over the connected lighting system. An intuitive dashboard provides an overview of the lighting infrastructure, enabling you to plan and trigger light scenes and schedules automatically for a floor, zone or even a single light point. Permissions and access rights can be given to different employees for various parts of the building to ensure each area is being monitored and managed by the appropriate personnel.

    It is also possible to give all employees a level of personal control over localized light settings near their desk via our personal control app.  The app communicates with the LED lighting fixtures using Visible Light Communication (VLC) enabling the smart device to precisely determine its location, providing hyper-accurate positioning within 30cm. Once the location of the handset is established, the app enables employees to adjust the light levels in their immediate vicinity via Wi-Fi.

    Integration with other employee apps

    Scene management APIs enable the personal lighting control functionality to be integrated into your existing employee app suite, to streamline the user experience and create a one-stop shop for employees for all office support and services. 

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the integration of Scene management software with other building management and IT systems or dashboards, enabling lighting to be synchronized other activities.  The APIs also enable you to share access to office lighting control with approved third parties and software developers who could create additional apps or services, to drive innovation in employee experience or building operations.

    Featured case study

    Smart office Case study Albertslund Municipality

    Albertslund Municipality

    As part of a broader plan to use integrated IT and communication technologies to improve citizen services, the municipality of Albertslund in Copenhagen has installed the first IoT-based connected lighting system in the Nordics. The connected lighting system is supported by Cisco switch technology.

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