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    Scene management 

    Light up the spirit of your city

    Turn buildings, bridges and monuments into memorable landmarks with Interact Landmark Scene management. Program and manage dynamic light shows remotely using a web app optimized for mobile device and content management software. Reflect the spirit of the city by frequently changing light shows to suit the season, festivals, or events.

    Benefits for city and operation managers

    Manage multiple installations 

    You can trigger coordinated light shows across multiple installations from one account using the virtual button feature. Set permissions and access rights to enable approved staff members to do pre-defined tasks or enable temporary access rights to guest lighting designers for a special, one-off light show.

    Simple and secure

    Interact Landmark Scene management is simple and quick to set up. It's very secure, employing advanced security and encryption techniques and infrastructure that complies with cybersecurity standards. Users don’t need any additional VPN connection, as this is managed under-the-hood, thereby giving users an intuitive experience. 

    Spectacular light shows at your fingertips

    Create, trigger and change lighting scenes anytime, from anywhere, with your smart phone or any online device using a cloud-based intuitive web app.

    Benefits for content providers and managers

    Stay on top of trends 

    Using our remote configuration feature, you can upload new lighting shows, or edit the calendar schedules on your landmark to stay current with what’s happening in your city and the world. Quickly and easily react to unscheduled events, celebrate a sports team win, or adapt lighting to match any other occasion.

    Total control from anywhere

    Select a zone, multiple zones, or an entire site, then select a color to apply or trigger preprogrammed shows and scenes instantly. Manage scenes on one or multiple installations and trigger them simultaneously from anywhere in the world. In addition, access the controller web interface for uploading scenes or shows and editing calendar schedule.

    Advanced configuration features

    Flexible user management allows you to create custom user profiles, as well as define and manage site-specific and feature-specific access privileges and permissions at any time. You can also personalize the dashboard with custom site images or logos.

    Easy-to-use Content app

    Our intuitive web-based content app requires just three simple steps to set-up and gives you total control from your smartphone or any device from any location.  
    Interact Landmark Benefits video

    How Scene management works

    Interact Landmark Scene management is designed and optimized for outdoor architectural lighting on bridges, monuments and building facades. It can control one or multiple sites to give you total access and management of all your architectural lighting.


    The colors or dynamic effects from connected luminaires installed on a landmark can be controlled remotely via an intuitive web app via the cloud. The Scene management software provides an overview of the lighting zones, a calendar of scheduled scenes and shows, and the pre-programmed shows, enabling you to remotely view what is scheduled, trigger light scenes or shows, or select a new color and apply it to one of more zones. When needed new lighting shows can also be uploaded remotely, and lighting schedules edited, to suit the occasion.


    The architectural lighting installation’s connection and communications with the Scene Management software is extremely secure and encrypted, enabling you to control the lighting from anywhere you have an internet connection.


    The software enables you to grant access rights and role-based permissions to individuals so they can perform clearly defined tasks using any device.


    Simply sign-on with your credentials from your smartphone or any standard networked device with an internet connection.  The cloud-based software interface means there’s no software to install on-site or servers to buy and maintain, lowering installation and maintenance costs .  Access your Scene management account from anywhere at any time and set up the Scene management content app for total flexibility.


    Easy set-up in three simple steps:

    1. Create your own content app account
    2. Register your Light System Manager on the content app
    3. Enable the cloud connection on your Light System Manager

    Harness the power of the cloud

    Because there’s no software to install or servers to buy and maintain, the cloud-based software lowers installation and maintenance costs. And because you can access the software with any authorized device via the web, it offers rapid deployment with seamless feature updates and minimal IT involvement. 

    Secure and encrypted

    The underlying communication between the lighting system on-site, our cloud system, and Scene management software is robust and secure, using VPN tunnels, SSH, MQTT and HTTP over PKI Infrastructure that comply with cyber security standards.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the integration of Scene management software with other building management and IT systems or dashboards, enabling lighting to be synchronized with other activities or events. The APIs also enable you to share access to lighting control with approved third parties and software developers who could create additional apps or services to drive innovation in citizen engagement or city operations.

    Featured case study

    Case study Degollado

    Degollado Theater 
    Guadalajara, Mexico 

    The Degollado Theater installed Interact Landmark, cloud-based connected lighting management software that allows architectural LED lighting systems to be monitored, maintained, and managed from anywhere in the world over a standard internet connection.

    Interact Landmark Scene management works with Light System Manager controller from Color Kinetics

    Color Kinetics & Vaya
    Interact Landmark Scene Management software is compatible with Color Kinetics’ Light System Manager gen5 controller and all Color Kinetics controllable lighting products, including luminaires, power and data devices. Vaya luminaires can be connected using a Multi-Protocol Converter 8. 

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