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    Scene management

    Enhance the guest experience

    Make your property both beautiful and flexible by using intuitive software to set and trigger lighting scenes in multipurpose hospitality areas like banquet or conference areas. Enhance guests’ in-room experience by allowing them to select from three pre-set lighting scenes to match their activity or mood, whether they’re relaxing or working.


    Make your hotel a standout landmark

    Turn your hotel into a memorable landmark with dynamic façade lighting. Program and manage dynamic lightshows remotely using an intuitive app. Reflect the spirit of your hotel or city by frequently changing lightshows to suit the season, festivals or events.

    Create multipurpose hospitality areas 

    Make hospitality areas multipurpose with software to plan, control and trigger lighting scenes. Maximize your return on investment by hiring out your hotel’s ballroom as a conference or exhibition space. Or adapt the restaurant’s lighting to create different atmospheres during the day, early evening and late at night.

    Give a warm welcome in guest rooms

    When guests open the door, the system automatically activates a welcome lighting scene. You can customize the scene based on the time of day, and even sync it with other systems such as motorized curtains to add impact to your welcome. 

    Put guests in control

    Guests can change lighting at the touch of a button, selecting from pre-set mood and activity-based scenes, like reading, working or relaxing.

    How Scene management works

    Scene management works across your entire property, in guest rooms and suites, ballrooms, restaurants and on your façade.

    Architectural lighting for your façade can be controlled remotely via an intuitive dashboard or app triggering light scenes and effects via a standard IT network.

    Ballrooms and convention centers can often be physically joined or divided, and the intuitive system detects this physical division and reorganizes control accordingly. Users can then control each space separately for diverse occasions, and recall programmed scenes for ease of use.

    In the guest rooms, guests can easily personalize light settings and choose lighting scenes based on their need.

    Interact Hospitality How Scene management works

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable two-way communication for next generation user interfaces for in-room and bring-your-own devices to set your wake-up light or change the lighting scene. APIs can also enable voice service and other digital communication with the room.

    Featured case study

    Swissotel - Enhancing the guest experience

    Swissotel - Enhancing the guest experience

    With Interact Hospitality, Swissotel The Stamford in Singapore can personalize the guest experience while increasing staff efficiency, saving energy, and meeting sustainability goals.

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