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    Scene management

    Control your city’s lighting remotely with Interact City Scene management

    Scene management software gives you visibility and control across your entire street lighting infrastructure with connected light points that you can view and control via a centralized dashboard. Automatic fault notifications enable you to plan maintenance quickly and easily. Dimming schedules help you reduce costs, while on-demand light level adjustments help keep citizens safe.

    Benefits for city managers

    Manage lighting remotely

    Get full visibility of your street lighting infrastructure over a centralized web-based dashboard. Manage your lighting remotely over a standard web browser.

    Control lighting across the city 

    Create custom light groups or manage each light point individually. Adjust your lighting to time of year, turn lighting up if there is a crime or accident, and set zones to vary the light levels across the city. Ensure crosswalks or other pedestrian areas are well-lit.

    Monitor and respond quickly

    Automatic fault detection alerts you immediately when there is an outage or fault, so maintenance teams can be dispersed quickly, reducing citizen complaints and optimizing maintenance operations.

    Reduce costs

    Reduce power consumption and CO₂ emissions with dimming schedules and activity or presence detection sensors. Ensure street lighting schedules are aligned with the time of day or year so street lights are used only when needed.

    Benefits for citizens

    Better service levels

    Provide a better service to citizens with remote monitoring and maintenance. Automatic fault detection ensures you see outages in real-time, meaning reduced lighting downtime and fewer citizen complaints.

    Improved livability

    Create more livable spaces in the city and encourage tourism with well-lit outdoor areas. Bright spaces help people feel a part of the community and be comfortable in their environment.

    Increased safety

    Well-lit crosswalks and intersections make people feel safe and comfortable. Increase light levels in case of an accident or to prevent crime in certain areas of the city. Fix outages quickly with automatic fault notifications. 

    How Scene management works

    Connected street lights installed across the city can be controlled remotely via an intuitive dashboard triggering light scenes or schedules via a standard mobile or other network. The Scene management software provides an overview of the lighting infrastructure, enabling you to plan, schedule and trigger light scenes remotely.

    Control each light point individually or connect a group of street lights through the power line to a segment or group controller, which connects to the Interact City Scene management software via the internet.

    The software enables you to grant role-based permissions and access rights to individuals so they can perform clearly defined tasks via the cloud-based dashboard.

    Interact City Scene management how it works diagram
    Interact City Scene management how it works diagram

    Cabinet based – group management

    Regardless of manufacturer, groups of existing non-connected (wired) streetlights, can be connected via a cabinet to Interact City software using standard mobile network connection from the cabinet.
    Interact City Cabinet based group management


    Presence detection sensors can be added to a light pole to detect activity in the street so light levels can be dimmed when people and vehicles aren’t around late at night. This helps reduces energy usage when lights aren’t needed but also ensures well-lit streets when people are around.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the integration of Scene management software with other city management and IT systems or dashboards enabling lighting to be synchronized with other city services or activities.  The APIs also enable you to share access to lighting control with approved third parties and software developers who could create additional apps or services to drive innovation in citizen engagement or city operations.

    Featured case study

    Case study Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires

    Interact City and SAP HANA offer Buenos Aires a platform capable of supporting adaptive applications and a 360-degree view of data to support an open and energy-efficient smart city.

    Interact City Scene management software works with Philips luminaires, as well as certified luminaires from third party luminaire vendors

    Connected street lighting Jakarta
    In addition to working with Philips luminaires, Interact City software works with a large number of luminaires from third party luminaire vendors, providing you with the highest level of flexibility when installing connected LED lighting in your city.

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