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    Interact Retail

    IoT lighting and software for stunning and flexible retail spaces

    Retail store lighting has always been about creating memorable experiences, influencing shopper behavior, and putting products and merchandise in the best possible light. With Interact Retail IoT lighting software, systems, and services in your portfolio, you can offer flexible, energy-efficient, and future-ready connected lighting solutions to your customers.

    Indoor location services enhance the in-store shopping experience while giving store managers new insight into customer behavior and the effectiveness of store layouts, while multisite management efficiently monitors and manages multiple properties from a single dashboard.

    Benefits of Interact Retail

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    Increase engagement and return visits with welcoming and differentiated store experiences
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    Boost stopping power, grab attention, and lead shoppers deeper into stores
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    Help products look better and last longer
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    Reduce lighting-related energy costs with smart dimming schedules and presence detection 
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    Ensure flexibility with personalized lighting scenes and easy recommissioning
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    Centrally monitor and control all your sites and specific store areas from anywhere 
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    Boost sales with wayfinding, product search, and location-based promotion features
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    Optimize store operations, analyze shopper behavior, and evaluate the impact of in-store events
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    Reduce downtime and repair outages quickly with automated alerts and maintenance scheduling

    Components of an Interact Retail system


    We offer Interact Retail multisite with several standard services, including:

    • Powerful remote lighting control and remote uptime monitoring of all your sites
    • Helpdesk and service ticketing
    • Regular software security and feature updates via the cloud to ensure that your system is always up to date
    • A site gateway that provides a secure connection to the cloud and that manages all lightpoints across your sites


    Optional services include:

    • Multisite remote operations
      Enjoy peace of mind and let us adjust all your lighting remotely according to your requirements and needs
    • Multisite connectivity service
      We manage a secure 4G connection for your lighting system from the first day, avoiding the hassle of integration with your IT infrastructure


    Interact Retail works with lighting controllers and gateways from industry leaders such as Dynalite and industry-standard Ethernet network switches for the monitoring and control network. Software applications include scene management, indoor navigation, energy optimization, lighting management, and multisite management.


    Interact Retail works with a wide range of multifunctional sensors. Additional energy savings can be achieved by applying occupancy sensing typically used in warehouses or backofhouse storage areas. Moreover, daylight harvesting from skylights or large windows is supported by light sensors.

    User interfaces

    Interact Retail offers a variety of tailored user interfaces which allow local manual override of the automatic schedules for store personnel who don’t have access to central dashboard. We offer a portfolio of beautiful interface solutions with user-friendly functionality for every interior range, from simple wall switches, our Antumbra series to touchpanels.

    Connected luminaires

    Interact Retail works with a wide range of luminaires from Philips and Color Kinetics, including VLC-enabled luminaires and Fresh food LED lighting recipes. We offer a wide range of luminaires types including linear, projectors, downlights, and more.

    Integration interfaces, open APIs, and SDKs

    Interact Retail offers a variety of integration interfaces. In many smart solutions, multiple systems play different roles but must work together. But different systems will almost certainly use different protocols for communication. We offer a range of gateway devices to enable integration of multiple systems into a single solution. For BMS, HVAC, and alarm system integration at the store level, we support dry contact input interfaces, BACnet interfaces, CGI, and KNX interfaces. We also offer integrations with smart energy meters via Modbus.

    For hyper-accurate and real-time positioning of mobile phones and hand-scanners, we offer an Interact Indoor navigation software development kit (SDK) as part of our Interact Indoor navigation license agreement. Customers can assign access to authorized users, such as third-party developers, for integrating indoor navigation functions into custom apps. The Indoor positioning SDK is also available on a trial basis through a software evaluation agreement.

    Interact Retail system architectures

    Interact Retail offers several system architectures, each designed to satisfy the different needs of retail store and chain managers:
    • Interact Retail store flex
    • Interact Retail store kit
    The following Interact Retail multisite architecture diagram illustrates how an Interact Retail system might be structured.

    Find out more about enhancing your client’s offering with Interact and request access to tender text.

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