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    Interact lighting delivers value beyond illumination

    SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa

    Berlin, Germany

    SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa has always considered itself an innovative and forward-thinking place to work. So, to ensure it ‘walks the talk’, the multi-technical service provider has installed Interact — a connected IoT lighting system — in its Berlin office to promote happiness, health, and motivation among its employees, while also being sustainable with resources.

    The Interact Workspace app gives me an overview of freely available workspaces. I can book desks and meeting rooms conveniently and easily.”

    - Atilla Karagülle, Systems Engineer, SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.

    Customer challenge


    SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa is the leading multi-technical service provider for buildings, facilities and infrastructure in Germany and Central Europe, employing around 16,000 staff in over 200 locations. Together with its customers, SPIE is committed to energy transition and digital transformation.

    It is important to SPIE that it offers a healthy, innovative and sustainable working environment. To help achieve this, the multi-technical service provider teamed up with Signify to turn its Berlin office into a space that’s not only perfectly adapted to its employees, but also optimizes the use of resources, all via a state-of-the-art Interact connected lighting system.

    More than light

    The Interact connected lighting system provides benefits that go far beyond illumination, improving the overall comfort and efficiency of the office. Sensors installed in SPIE’s existing luminaires collect important information about the office environment that they can use to optimize their workspace. Decision makers at the multi-technical service provider can now analyze space occupancy data via clear heatmaps on a central dashboard to understand how areas of the office are used. Equipped with this information, they can then adapt office space requirements and layouts to suit the needs of their employees, plan cleaning schedules and support social distancing based on actual occupancy behaviors.

    Even everyday tasks, like booking meeting rooms, become more streamlined with Interact. The Interact Workspace app provides information on which meeting rooms are available at any given time. These can then be booked through the app, which also uses Indoor navigation technology — enabled via Visible Light Communication (VLC) — to guide employees to their meeting room. Historical data on how frequently rooms have been used in the past is also available. This is not just useful for busy employees, but for office management and maintenance teams too. With a clear idea of where people are and when, SPIE can ensure lighting and heating is only directed to the desired spaces as it’s needed, saving money and energy. They can also ensure that high traffic areas and used meeting rooms can be cleaned more frequently to enhance employee well-being further.

    The Workspace app also allows SPIE employees to adjust the light level in their individual area depending on their mood or task. Personalized lighting also has a positive impact on well-being. A lighting system that mirrors the body’s circadian rhythm — brighter in the morning, warmer and dimmer in the afternoon — is closer aligned to natural sunlight, benefitting both the mind and body. All of this is controllable via the simple, easy-to-use Workspace app.

    Interact’s Lighting management also offers huge advantages for SPIE. Individual or grouped luminaires can be monitored and controlled at all times, with data on energy use and performance readily available either in real-time or historically. The ability to measure energy usage against historical energy data ensures the multi-technical service provider is able to stay in line with its sustainability goals. Another benefit of Interact is that SPIE can see the status of its lighting at any time, enabling it to manage its facility’s lighting maintenance more efficiently. Remote diagnostics allow for planned preventive and swift reactive maintenance, reducing disruption, and improving visual comfort for employees.

    In addition to installing Interact in its Berlin offices, SPIE also plans to equip its Hannover office with the same technology, and have even recommended and installed it in their customers’ premises too. In total, three customer installations of Interact have been realized by SPIE, with another office installation planned for 2022. Overall, in the realized office projects, approximately 14,000sqm of space has been installed, comprising 1,500 POE LED luminaires and sensors, with Interact software and apps completing the systems.

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