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    Smart LED lighting yields vast savings for Arriva


    Stilling, Danmark

    With Interact Pro, Arriva can control their lighting system remotely while achieving increased energy savings.

    We chose Interact Pro because it has the right price vs. quality relationship. It also mattered to us that Signify is among the leading manufacturers in the market, which gives us peace of mind that we can get what we need in the future.”

    - Henrik Egbo, Project Manager, Arriva

    Customer challenge


    Bus operator Arriva is going green by optimizing energy usage at its headquarters, situated in the heart of Jutland, Denmark. Interact Pro delivers financial benefits for Arriva, and has proven itself as the number one choice for further energy savings across multiple buildings and offices throughout the country.

    It pays to think green. Just ask Henrik Egbo, who is in charge of energy savings and operations at Arriva.

    After installing Interact Pro software in the Skanderborg office, Henrik Egbo is already seeing tangible savings.


    Interact Ready luminaires harness the latest LED technology. For the Skanderborg office, daylight control was combined with smart, wireless motion sensors. These feature an active switch on, and an automatic switch off everywhere except hallways. 


    Another unique feature of the Interact Pro system is that it sends data to a secure cloud server. This is then accessed via a dashboard that clients can view in any web browser. What's more, the data provides insights into usage of each room and location, helping Arriva further optimize each and every site.

    Interact Pro has also helped improve the quality of light, increasing both the  color temperature and the light levels. Essentially, Arriva have gained 50% more light at a 30% lower cost.

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    What can Interact Pro do for your space?

    • Locksmith company Witt & Kleyer opt for comfortable lighting

      Locksmith company Witt & Kleyer opt for comfortable lighting

      Interact Pro enabled Witt & Kleyer to deliver comfortable light levels to their staff through connected lighting.

    • Tata Steel impress visitors with innovative lighting design

      Tata Steel impress visitors with innovative lighting design

      Interact Pro connected lighting and software enabled Tata Steel to impress visitors and save energy.

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