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    LED lighting system for the citizens of Paços de Ferreira

    Paços de Ferreira


    Paços de Ferreira upgraded 14,000 street lights to LED, 2,000 of which are controlled and managed by Interact City software. What's more, this remarkable transformation was completed in just three months.

    Interact City enables us to get the most out of our installation – we’re adapting to the latest technology and the digital society in which we live.”

    - Dr. Humberto Brito, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Paços de Ferreira

    Customer Challenge

    Paços de Ferreira, with a population of 60,000 residents, is a hub of commercial and industrial activity in the north of Portugal. It’s known as the ‘Capital of Furniture’ because it’s home to some of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers and a center of European furniture production.


    Three clear goals were defined for the project: to improve public lighting for citizens, to lower the city government’s lighting costs, and to hit the municipality's sustainability goals by reducing its yearly carbon footprint.

    A smart step forward with connected lighting

    The project was one of the largest undertaken in Portugal, with 14,000 luminaires upgraded to LED in Paços de Ferreira and the neighboring town of Freamunde. Around 2,000 of these – 20% of the new LED lighting network – were connected to Interact City. This enabled the municipality to remotely manage and control the connected light points.


    Despite the scale of the project, it was completed in just three months. Most importantly, the high-quality, reliable lighting improves the daily lives of residents. And now, Paços de Ferreira  has a single control system to conveniently , efficiently and sustainably manage its connected lighting network.


    The connected street lights can be remotely adapted to the time of night, season or event, making it easier to deliver the right light at the right time. Interact City also collects relevant data in close to real-time, allowing for almost instant adjustments when necessary. By making a modest initial investment to upgrade to LED technology, and using Interact City to drive further efficiencies, Paços de Ferreira has also experienced energy savings of 65%.


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