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    Interact Sports APIs put Hoog Op Tennis Club in control

    Hoog Op Tennis Club

    Opmeer, Netherlands

    Owners of Hoog Op Tennis Club wanted to enhance the facility’s lighting to improve the experience of members both on and off the court.

    We’re very happy about the quality of the light for the members, the ability to switch very quickly, and the fact that we can incorporate all kinds of new applications into it.”

    - Joost Brockhoff, Chairman, Hoog Op Tennis Club

    Customer challenge

    When Hoog Op Tennis Club wanted to install a smart lighting system at their facility, they turned to Signify, the market leaders in sports lighting, and Signify Certified System Integrator Oostendorp Nederland for help. Over the last few years, the lighting at Hoog Op Tennis Club had become old and outdated. Conventional gas discharge lamps took an age to turn on and off, meaning lots of wasted time between matches. The glare from the old lighting was disruptive too, and not just for the players — light pollution was also a problem for the club’s neighbors. A solution was desperately needed — one which improved the experience of all players and visitors in the short term, but also helped club owners meet energy objectives in the long run.


    Oostendorp Nederland replaced the old lighting with Philips Optivision LEDs. They then used the Interact Sports Light control API to develop an innovative app to schedule event lighting, manage reservations, and monitor energy consumption.

    Oostendorp Nederland can use Interact Sports APIs to develop other solutions to benefit the club in the future. They can also develop solutions that allow cities and other organizations to monitor energy usage, reduce CO2 emissions, and always deliver the right light at the right time


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    This project is in partnership with Oostendorp Nederland, a Signify Certified System Integrator.

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