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    Greater efficiency and reduced costs with Interact City




    As part of Knittelfeld’s commitment to urban development, the municipality undertook a project involving the upgrade of 2,000 light points to LED, controlled remotely via Interact City software.

    Our lighting is so innovative and efficient that we’ve managed to save 20% on total cost of ownership and cut energy costs by 80%.”

    - Gerald Schmid, Mayor of Knittelfeld

    Customer challenge

    Before renewing its street lighting system, Knittelfeld set out three primary objectives: improve road safety, save energy and simplify the day-to-day management of lighting operations. The municipality needed a public lighting system capable of measuring, managing and monitoring all connected street lighting from a virtual map-based view in close to real-time. In addition, the system needed to run securely and remotely on a standard web browser via their existing network.

    Simplified management of all connected light points

    As part of this ambitious project, 2,000 inefficient high-pressure mercury-vapor luminaires were replaced with energy-saving LEDs and connected to the city's IT system via the Interact City software management system.


    Interact City Lighting asset management software enables the new luminaires to automatically locate and commission themselves, as well as transmit data about their status. As soon as the LED luminaires are integrated with the software, people like Harald Bergman, Knittelfeld’s Head of Public Lighting, can track the luminaires’ performance and adjust street lighting levels almost instantly via a centralized dashboard.


    The intuitive interface makes performing management tasks easy and convenient. In addition, automatic fault detection lets system users know where an outage has occurred so that maintenance crews can be dispatched quickly.


    The connected luminaires relay performance data, including lighting levels and energy consumption. This data can be used to gain insights into the city’s lighting infrastructure. Maintenance and fault reports can be generated to provide a historical view of lighting performance, allowing the city to adjust the lighting as needed, and plan maintenance tasks to avoid downtime.

    User-friendly Interact City Scene management software enables each luminaire to be managed individually or in groups to perform close to real-time or prescheduled actions.

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    What can Interact City do for your streets?

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