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    Interact Sports
    Light control API helps create an innovative app

    IDB Santa Hortensia

    Madrid, Spain


    Through a connected lighting system and the Interact Sports API, Aluzina Madrid was able to gain valuable insights into customer usage and habits at this Madrid sports facility.

    The relationship with Signify has been perfect. They gave us a very clear introduction to their open software platform, Interact Sports. Signify also allowed us to make the connection between their lighting hardware and our app.”

    - Alejandro Hernández, Founder, Aluzina Madrid

    Customer challenge


    The City Council of Madrid wanted to learn more about the use of sports centers around the city in order to provide a better experience for its citizens. In a pilot project at local sports center IDB Santa Hortensia, tech company, Aluzina, created an app called Aluzina Madrid which uses the Interact Sports Light control API to measure valuable usage data.

    A wealth of new data

    The Aluzina Madrid app is oriented towards the public. People who download the mobile app on iOS or Android devices can locate a sports center near them and turn on the lights at that sports facility. The app also supports the work of facility

    and public district managers.


    The Interact Sports Light control API enables Aluzina Madrid’s app to display data collected by the luminaires. City authorities can then analyze that data and make decisions that will help the city achieve energy savings and provide better

    facilities to its citizens.


    User data that was captured from December 2018 to April 2019 confirmed that most players came from the area of the city immediately adjacent to IDB Santa Hortensia. They seemed to opt equally for basketball and soccer, were overwhelmingly male, and were more likely to fall into the 25-34 age bracket.


    However, the facility does attract a wide range of age groups. 95% of participants played as part of a team and organized themselves in advance.

    Most activity is after 7pm and the pitches are still in good use between 9 and 11pm, with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays being the most popular days of the week.


    By understanding who is using the pitches and when, site managers can set lighting schedules that provide the right light at the right time. This leads to less wasted energy and ultimately more savings.


    By collecting a vast amount of information about how players use the facilities, the Madrid municipality can provide better services for its citizens. And with the connected lighting system, the municipality was able to save additional energy on top of any benefit already gained from switching from halogen to LED. The overall savings in CO2 reached 904 kg over the duration of the pilot scheme.

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