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    A faster, more productive warehouse —white paper

    In the current climate, warehouses are booming, with more people than ever ordering online.


    This places a greater emphasis on warehouse productivity, specifically the speed at which orders are picked and processed. The most efficient warehouses have a reliable ABC stocking strategy, but 67% of the operations managers we asked said that ABC analysis is too time consuming.


    This report, produced in partnership with MetrixLab, details the importance of regular ABC analysis and explores how Space management software, enabled by connected lighting, can improve warehouse productivity.

    A faster, more productive warehouse - white paper image

    About our partner, MetrixLab

    MetrixLab is a leading global market research agency and an expert in brand engagement, product innovation and customer value. Active in more than 90 countries, they combine pioneering digital technologies, global capabilities and an agile approach, to help you make smarter business decisions faster.
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