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    Changing work, changing workplaces

    In the age of hybrid and home working, it takes more than “just another office” to entice employees back to the workplace. They want somewhere worth the commute—an innovative, sustainable, creative space that values them and places their well-being high on the agenda. Interact connected lighting for the IoT fosters just such an environment. Interact produces massive energy savings and slashes carbon emissions, while taking advantage of lighting’s impact on our body clocks to improve mood, performance, creativity, and sleep patterns. Take a human-centric approach to lighting and to business, with Interact’s flexible, fully scalable system.


    Further benefits

    Understand your space

    Interact captures and analyzes building occupancy data so that you can better understand how your space is being used. This helps employees to avoid overcrowded areas and maintain social distancing regulations. It also allows you to create an environment that supports your employees’ habits while optimizing space usage to lower real estate costs.
    Businessman and businesswoman using digital tablet in modern office
    Modern office building with connected lighting system

    Boost your credentials

    Interact connected lighting systems help you comply with the Air, Light, Mind, and Thermal Comfort concepts laid out in the WELL Building Standard, and can help you achieve an Outstanding BREEAM certification. These accreditations help demonstrate that your sustainable ambitions are serious and can increase the rental value of your building.

    Update efficiently and affordably

    Lighting can be more affordable to update than other systems, such as HVAC and mechanical services. Transitioning to connected LED lighting enhances the efficiency of your lighting from a cost and performance standpoint, with drastic energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.
    Business executives enjoying conversation with diverse colleagues in office
    Colleagues having a meeting in office with NatureConnect

    Bring nature indoors

    Interact is compatible with Ledalite NatureConnect technology and tunable white luminaires, working seamlessly with each to offer the best in well-being. NatureConnect is designed to mimic the natural patterns of daylight, creating comfortable, engaging, and attractive indoor environments. Tunable LED luminaires allow you to select the exact shade (color temperature) of white light you need, from warm to cool, and to change it whenever you like.

    Attract the best tenants with Interact Space analysis

    As a building owner, it’s important to ensure your space is healthy, green, and attractive to businesses. Find out how Interact Space analysis can help.
    Interact space analysis by colleagues

    Discover what connected lighting can do for you

    Colleagues having a meeting in office with NatureConnect

    Melanopic lighting affects more than just what you see


    Light produces obvious and profound visual effects in us. It also produces non-obvious but equally profound non-visual effects.


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    • It’s time to stop working in biological darkness

      It’s time to stop working in biological darkness

      Many of us work in biological darkness during the day, then experience biological daylight during the night. No wonder our body clocks get out of whack.

    • Melanopic lighting in the workplace

      Melanopic lighting in the workplace

      A properly designed LED-based human-centric lighting system supports visual and biological comfort, employee engagement, and productivity.

    • What good is a sustainable building that makes people sick?

      What good is a sustainable building that makes people sick?

      Building operators have made sustainability a priority—and rightly so. But what good is a carbon-neutral building that harms the people who work in it?

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