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What is Interact

Welcome to intelligent lighting

Where data informs your decisions and drives innovation to improve operations and reduce costs. Welcome to Interact - a secure, scalable IoT platform that collects insights from your connected LED lighting, embedded sensors and IoT devices over an IoT-ready connected lighting system.

Open API enable the lighting software and system architecture to share data back and forth between LED light points, sensors, and the Interact IoT platform.

The Interact IoT Platform performs millions of data transactions every day using the best processing capabilities available. Enabling you to benefit from cutting edge technologies, big data processing and analytics, and machine learning. The Interact IoT Platform will deliver new insight to help you drive operational efficiencies and take more effective decisions.

The Interact IoT Platform:

  • manages user and device security, authentication, and authorization
  • enables the ingestion, storage, governance and analysis of data
  • powers real-time, historical and predictive analytics
  • generates insights and reports


Interact will change the way you think about lighting forever.

IoT Lighting Platform Animation
  • IoT Lighting

    IoT Lighting

    IoT lighting uses the power of data collected from connected LED lighting, sensors and software applications to deliver new insights, customer benefits and services.

  • Case studies

    Case studies

    Overview of our Interact case studies.