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    Lighting asset

    Get smarter with automated lighting maintenance and updates

    Good quality, reliable lighting is essential for comfort, employee performance, and safety in offices. Through Interact Office Managed services, we can monitor and manage the performance of your lighting across your entire office. A remote diagnostics dashboard alerts us to faults and outages for immediate response. We can perform predictive maintenance based on real-time performance data, and automatically deploy firmware and software updates.


    Give your employees the best

    Good lighting is essential for employee comfort, performance and safety.  Ensure your office lighting is always performing through continuous monitoring of lighting asset status. When your lighting performs, so does your business.

    Enjoy peace of mind

    Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your office lighting with our Managed services. Our service teams monitor and manage the performance and status of your lighting across your entire office 24/7. If anything’s amiss, we’ll deal with it.

    Smarter maintenance

    Our services team can see when your lighting is likely to need replacing based on real-time performance data, allowing predictive maintenance to be scheduled and carried out efficiently, so your offices are always perfectly lit.

    A problem is no problem

    Our Managed services team are alerted to any detected faults or outages via the remote dashboard and will take immediate action to rectify the issue – whatever it may be.

    Stay up to date, automatically

    Never worry about your lighting system becoming obsolete. Firmware and software updates and upgrades can be automatically deployed meaning you’re always up to date.

    Improved experience, reduced costs

    Plan your maintenance and manage your facilities more efficiently. When your lighting operates at maximum efficiency, you save money.

    How Lighting asset management works

    The Lighting asset management dashboard enables remote diagnostics by our Managed Services team. Firmware for lighting fixtures and gateway devices is equipped with detailed diagnostics that will immediately send a notification if there are any repair or preventative maintenance actions required. The underlying software will automatically resolve any issues where it can, allowing the services team to dispatch maintenance only when needed to reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency. 
    How Lighting asset management works


    Through an API, real-time and historical lighting data and diagnostics information can be shared with other building management systems, becoming part of the building system overview. Facility managers have access to this information and can react quickly when maintenance actions are required. 

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