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    Lighting asset management for cities

    Monitor lighting hardware and other assets remotely

    Remotely and centrally monitor and manage the street lights and other hardware assets in your public lighting network to increase operational efficiency, minimize outages and downtime, and implement preventive maintenance measures. Data-rich alerts and complete details on each light point give you the tools you need to manage your lighting assets successfully while lowering costs.
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    Manage your hardware

    Monitor all your city’s public lighting assets from a comprehensive map-based dashboard. With lightpoint-by-lightpoint access to rich asset data on luminaire location, status, and performance, you can manage your lighting properties remotely and in detail.
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    Easy Installation and Enhanced Efficiency

    Improve the operational efficiency of your city’s lighting and ensure system uptime. Street lights can commission themselves and automatically join the system, their locations precisely identified using an onboard GPS. Automatically deploy firmware and software updates from the cloud.
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    Streamline maintenance operations

    Real-time asset status and performance data allows you to swiftly replace a faulty luminaire—or replace it before it fails with preventive maintenance. Automated fault notifications eliminate reliance on scouting crews. Rich data gives technicians the tools and information they need to plan repairs and resolve issues swiftly and effectively.
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    Let us help

    Enjoy peace of mind and take the hassle out of maintaining your lighting with Signify managed services. Signify service personnel monitor and manage the entire lighting system for you, 24/7. A remote diagnostics dashboard lets the service team respond immediately to any issues, ensuring uptime.

    More Interact capabilities for cities

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    Lighting management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

    See what Interact can do

    • Smart Street Lighting NY and Interact

      Smart Street Lighting NY and Interact

      NYPA will replace 500K street lights in NY state with connected LEDs by 2025. Interact City transforms these systems into a platform for smart city deployments.

    • Smart bridge lighting - Big River Crossing

      Smart bridge lighting - Big River Crossing

      The Harahan Bridge and adjacent Big River Crossing boardwalk illuminate the sky with new dynamic LED lighting powered by Interact Landmark software.

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