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    A historic landmark, transformed

    Big River Crossing

    Memphis, Tennessee

    Big River Crossing is the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River. Adjacent to the historic Harahan Bridge, it serves as the centerpiece of a large-scale revitalization project.


    With dynamic connected LED lighting and Interact Landmark software, the bridge is now a prime destination for tourists and citizens alike.

    Revitalizing the bridge and adjoining Big River Crossing with dynamic lighting will solidify its role as a source of pride for our city and the region.”

    - Jim Strickland, Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee

    Customer challenge

    The city of Memphis was embarking on a $43 million Multi-Modal Connector project, which included a 10-mile path linking Memphis, Tennessee with West Memphis, Arkansas. 


    Spanning the Mississippi River and linking the two cities, the Harahan Bridge and adjoining Big River Crossing were key components of the project. The city wanted to make the crossing a source of pride for the region by installing a dynamic connected lighting system that was easy to operate and cost-effective.

    Lighting management and control

    The Big River Crossing required 2,370 separate fixtures with over 100,000 individual LED light points, forming a total of 9,480 feet of lighting. The Philips Color Kinetics luminaires offered an expanded palette of more than 16 million colors, which form a variety of beam angles that showcase the depth and structure of the bridge.


    The new lighting installation incorporates a cloud-based connected lighting system controlled by Interact Landmark software. Interact Landmark enables the remote management of the architectural LED lighting system, including diagnostics, real-time performance reporting, data analytics and controls, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs.


    Because the bridge is constantly in use by watercraft and train traffic, it was vital that the lighting could be remotely adjusted at short notice. Interact Landmark lighting management software allows the lighting to automatically dim to a lower level in order to accommodate rail and maritime lighting requirements.


    Using the Interact Landmark dashboard, authorized users can change scenes, effects and light shows from a remote PC or tablet device. The platform also allows users to schedule shows ahead of time for special events, ensuring the city can constantly refresh content for the bridge.


    The new lighting installation allows the region to showcase spectacular light shows and stunning dynamic effects, creating a center of activity for both visitors and the local community, while encouraging further economic and social development in the area.

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    What can Interact Landmark do for you city?

    • Connected lighting – San Francisco Bay Bridge

      Connected lighting – San Francisco Bay Bridge

      The LED lighting sculpture with remote monitoring over Interact Landmark software had such a broad social and economic impact on the Bay Area that the temporary display became a permanent part of the skyline.

    • Cloud-based connected lighting – Degollado Theater

      Cloud-based connected lighting – Degollado Theater

      The Degollado Theater installed Interact Landmark, cloud-based connected lighting management software that allows architectural LED lighting systems to be monitored, maintained, and managed from anywhere in the world over a standard internet connection.

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