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    Indoor navigation

    Support productivity with wayfinding and location-based services

    Use your lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide your employees wherever they need to go. Use the Interact Office Indoor navigation kiosk or Interact Workspace app to help them find services or a free meeting room, improving employee performance, experience, and engagement.

    Benefits for employees

    Save time and energy

    Finding a free meeting room isn’t always easy. It’s time consuming and frustrating. Using the Interact Workspace app, you can quickly find and book an available meeting room, then let the app show you the way. More time working, less time searching.

    Find a free desk

    Find your nearest available workspace without wandering around the office. Using real-time occupancy data, the Interact Workspace app displays all the unoccupied workspaces nearest to you in a floor plan format. Then let the app guide you to the free desk.

    Show the way

    Not sure where to find the nearest printer or coffee machine? No problem. The Indoor navigation kiosk or Interact Workspace app can guide you to the location of what you are looking for.

    Benefits for business

    Support productivity

    Get the best out of your most valuable resource: your people. Reduce the amount of time employees spend looking for a free desk or meeting room. Enable people to find what they need quickly and efficiently, reducing wasted time and frustration.

    Understand your employees

    Use the anonymized location data generated by the Indoor navigation software to understand employee movement and behavior better so you can optimize the office layout, as well as your facility operations.

    Safety and privacy guaranteed

    Interact Office Indoor navigation is designed to ensure privacy; the system will not request nor store user-related data, such as name, IP address or OS-generated IDs or any other back-traceable item, unless you opt-in to do so.

    How Indoor navigation works

    Interact Indoor navigation enables a mobile application to access the real-time and accurate indoor geo-location of a mobile device via lighting. The software can use several technologies such as Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE) as well as phone sensors to determine the location and direction of travel of the device. VLC allows the software to locate the phone within 30cm/1ft accuracy.

    No additional hardware to install


    With Interact Office Indoor navigation, there’s no need for any additional installations – the only requirement is to use luminaires with VLC and/or BLE.

    Integration with other systems


    Integrate the Indoor navigation Interact Workspace app with meeting room booking systems or employee directory management solutions to add additional use cases such as booking a meeting room, finding a free desk or locating a colleague.

    Data-based insights


    Information gathered from the Indoor navigation system is stored in the cloud. Facility managers can use the anonymized data on employee movement flows and behavior to further optimize and improve their employee services and building operations.

    Indoor navigation SDK and APIs

    The Interact software development kits (SDK) for indoor positioning and indoor maps are available for both Android and iOS and can be used by in-house developers or 3rd party developers to add navigation capabilities and digital maps to existing or new mobile apps.

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