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    Lighting asset management 

    Optimize lighting system uptime  

    Manage and monitor your city lighting installations through a single dashboard. Interact Landmark Lighting asset management is the smart way to ensure architectural lighting is always performing at its best while simplifying maintenance through remote fault detection plus automatic software and firmware updates. Create robust asset inventory and repair logs, track hardware changes and system performance.

    Benefits for site managers and building owners

    Keep sites looking spectacular 

    Ensure your lighting installation always looks and operates at its best, protecting your investment, your brand image and your reputation.

    Total peace of mind with lifecycle services

    Lighting technicians monitor and maintain your site to keep it in top condition. Our lighting experts proactively optimize system performance 24/7 using remote diagnostics, historical analysis and regular reporting.

    Monitor and manage from anywhere 

    Remotely monitor, manage and maintain your lighting installation via a cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Generate reports and get data-based insights into system performance at any time.

    Benefits for maintenance and operations managers 

    Stay informed

    Be alerted automatically via email or the dashboard when faults are detected so a maintenance team can be dispatched right away. You can also run regular reports to ensure the lighting system is performing as expected.

    Gain new insight

    Get an in-depth understanding into how your lighting system is performing, diagnose system issues, and ensure uptime to get the best return on your investment by using real-time fault alerts and regular reporting.

    Simplify operations 

    Monitor one or multiple installations around the city, country or globe easily through one centralized dashboard. Compare performance and share best practice across sites. 

    Seeing is believing 

    Add remote camera functionality, with a real-time feed from up to four cameras per site, to view live data and historical images for visual confirmation of lighting performance and scenes. 

    How Lighting asset management works

    Interact Landmark’s Lighting Asset Management Remote Monitor app scans the entire lighting system, including luminaires, power/data devices and controllers. The software checks for connectivity and faults, captures the device information and properties, and compares this information to reference site information. The lighting system device properties, connectivity and fault alerts are available to any authorized user and visualized on a dashboard accessible from any device connected to the internet.   


    Remote Monitor app

    The lighting system gets connected to the Internet through a gateway with an internet connection. Sign in onto any PC to access the cloud-hosted app and view the dashboard for you site.

    Camera app

    The IP Camera connects to the internet, then the camera feed gets added to the Remote Monitoring App via the cloud. The camera does not need to be connected to the control network on the site. Up to four camera feeds can be viewed per site.

    Harness the power of the cloud 

    Because there’s no software to install or servers to buy and maintain, the cloud-based software lowers install and maintenance costs. Because you access the software with any authorized device via the web, it offers rapid deployment with seamless feature updates and minimal IT involvement. 

    Secure and encrypted

    The Interact Landmark applications and communications are secured using advanced industry protocols, including HTTPS, SSL/TLS, VPN tunnels, SSH, MQTT and HTTP over PKI infrastructure that complies with cyber security standards to secure the cloud-based Scene management software communications to the lighting system on-site


    Open, secure REST APIs enable the integration of Lighting asset monitoring and management functionality with other city management dashboards enabling lighting to be synchronized with other city services.

    Featured case study

    Case study Big River Crossing

    Big River Crossing 
    Memphis, Tennessee 

    The Harahan Bridge and adjacent Big River Crossing boardwalk illuminate the sky with new dynamic LED lighting powered by Interact Landmark software.

    Interact Landmark Lighting asset manangement software works with Color Kinetics, Vaya and (DMX/RDM) luminaires

    Color Kinetics & Vaya
    Lighting asset management is compatible with all Color Kinetics and Vaya dynamically controllable lighting systems, including luminaires, power and data devices. It's designed to work with Color Kinetics’ Light System Manager controller, and other third party Kinet Controllers.

    Camera app

    Camera app - Axis Communications
    Lighting asset management software is compatible with IP cameras from Axis Communications. Axis offers a wide range of robust outdoor cameras with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, as well as various mounting options. 

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