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    Environmental monitoring for cities

    Create a safer and more livable city

    An Interact-based connected street lighting network can host sensors that your municipality can use to monitor and respond to a range of environmental attributes, from noise levels to tilt and vibration on roadways and bridges to air pollution levels and more, making your city safer and more livable.
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    Enhance livability

    Make your city a better place to live. Use sensors embedded in street lights and other public luminaires to collect actionable real-time and historical data on light levels, noise, temperature, and more.
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    Improve road safety

    System-connected sensors are part of the growing smart city ecosystem and can improve road safety by detecting motion, luminaire tilt and vibration, and ambient noise. Interact analyzes and visualizes the data collected by your sensors so you can act on the resulting insights.
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    Support civil services

    With growing urbanization, it’s increasingly crucial for city managers to ensure that services are in place to support safety, sustainability, and social equity. A deep understanding of the urban environment is a vital starting point, and Interact can provide a wealth of important data.
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    Reduce pollution

    Managing and maintaining air quality is a challenge for any municipality. Get a clearer picture of your city’s air quality through outdoor multisensors installed in your Interact street lighting system, and support the measures you put in place to reduce pollution.

    More Interact capabilities for cities

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    See what Interact can do

    • Environmental monitoring – Los Angeles

      Environmental monitoring – Los Angeles

      Philips lighting and the City of Los Angeles are exploring evolving smart city applications enabled by sensors for environemental monitoring.

    • A phased approach to smart cities

      A phased approach to smart cities

      Northeast Group details how cities can begin with connected street lighting, then build smart infrastructure in phases, delivering key benefits at every step.

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