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    Light play app

    Turn your site into a must-see destination

    Empower the public to interact with your landmark’s lighting using the mobile app. Your lighting becomes an engaging experience that elevates brand awareness and generates visitors, revenue, and social shares.
    Visitors download the app from the Apple or Google Play app store, where they discover your landmark and play with the lighting for a limited time by selecting from colors and pre-programmed dynamic shows.

    What Light play app can do for you

    Build brand awareness

    Public interaction with lighting creates a memorable, real-world experience and enhances the social media coverage of your site.

    Connect with your community

    Build a greater presence in your community by fostering playfulness and a sense of engagement with your brand or city.

    How the Light play app works

    Admin control dashboard

    You are always in full control of your landmark’s lighting via an admin dashboard complete with usage data. Visitors can only play lighting shows that have been hand-picked by the admin.

    Platform security

    Robust IT architecture and security protect your site and shield your lighting system from unwanted activity.
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    Interactivity made easy

    Light play app leverages your existing lighting hardware and connectivity to enable new and exciting experiences without the custom price tag.
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    Reliable on-premise back up

    Your system automatically reverts to lighting schedules from your on-site controller when necessary. That means your lights never go dark unexpectedly.

    Light up the spirit of your city

    Interactive and engaging lighting displays create an appealing city identity, build civic pride and attract tourism.

    Learn how Interact Light play app can help you

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