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    Interact Hospitality Hotel System

    Interact Hospitality Gives Hotels the Ability to Streamline Staff Operations and Improve Guest Services through Lighting


    Interact Hospitality delivers real-time operational transparency across your property enabling you to deliver enhanced guest experience while improving staff efficiency and saving energy. Connected LED lighting delivers energy efficient, mood-enhancing lighting scenes from the lobby, restaurants and ballroom to the guest rooms. Interact Hospitality software integrates with other systems such as HVAC and PMS, giving real-time visibility in one intuitive Interact dashboard to streamline operations and improve guest services.

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    What is possible

    Interact Hospitality software applications are specifically designed to bring together connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect with your other IoT solutions.
    Scene management

    Scene management

    Enhance guests’ in-room experience by allowing them to select from three pre-set lighting scenes to match their activity or mood, whether they’re relaxing or working. Make your property both beautiful and flexible by using intuitive software to set and trigger lighting scenes in multipurpose hospitality areas like banquet or conference areas.
    Bio-adaptive lighting

    Bio-adaptive lighting


    Bio-adaptive lighting provides different levels of light intensity and color temperatures at different times of the day to support well-being, helping to energize guests in the morning and supporting a good night's sleep by supporting the body's circadian rhythm.

    Energy optimization

    Energy optimization

    Reduce energy consumption in guest rooms by turning down systems when rooms are unoccupied, automating heating or air conditioning to turn off when a balcony door or window is open, and letting guests personalize the room environment.
    Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental monitoring


    Get automatic notifications if rooms become overheated, undercooled or exceed humidity targets. Sensors embedded in the room control system measure in-room temperature and humidity, sharing information via the Interact Hospitality dashboard and notifying staff instantly when there is an issue. Turn the HVAC off automatically and be informed directly via the dashboard if a guest opens the balcony door or window in their room.

    Lighting asset management

    Lighting asset management


    Manage and monitor your hotel’s façade lighting through a dashboard. Interact Hospitality Lighting asset management is the smart way to ensure architectural lighting is always performing at its best while simplifying maintenance through remote fault detection plus automatic software and firmware updates. Create robust asset inventory and repair logs, track hardware changes and system performance.

    Interact Hospitality dashboard

    Optimize staff efficiencies and empower your management team to work more effectively with complete visibility of hotel operations via the Interact Hospitality dashboard. Receive a comprehensive, real-time view of the status of all guest rooms on laundry requests, temperature, requests in the business center, and much more.

    Interact Hospitality APIs

    The open API enables integration with a variety of hotel systems to make hotel operations more efficient.

    Interact Hospitality Ecosystem partners

    Interact Hospitality Ecosystem partners image
    To further enhance guest experience, manage energy consumption and maximize operational efficiency, Interact Hospitality works with industry leading partners such as property management, access control and housekeeping systems.

    Interact Hospitality works with LED lighting from Philips

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    With flexible Philips LED lighting, you can ensure a positive experience for guests, while reducing energy and operational costs. 

    Let us take care of your lighting with Managed services from Signify

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    Optimize your energy and maintenance costs to benefit from a solid return on investment with Managed services from Signify.

    IoT Insights

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