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Unlock the power of the Internet of Things

The next industrial revolution


Join us as we explore the IoT and share knowledge, opinions and perspectives from business experts and leaders.

Leading analysts and researchers agree that security is among the top challenges facing the IoT today. With so much connectivity and data flowing through so many interconnected systems, how do you keep everything secure?

Is the IoT scalable for your business?

Data driven tech is changing the rules

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Creating engaging office environments | Interact

Creating engaging office environments

This white paper investigates the important effects that lighting can have on the user (employee) within the office trinity: user, organization, and building.
  • From smart buildings to smart precincts

    From smart buildings to smart precincts

    Discover the four core typologies in the design of mixed-use developments, according to Jeremy Myerson, director of WORKTECH Academy.

  • Making the workplace work for people

    Making the workplace work for people

    The workforce is changing and the workplace must change with it. Industry leader Despina Katsikakis examines this in her latest article.

  • Delivering value using data from connected lighting

    Delivering value using data from connected lighting

    In the IoT it’s all about the data. Connected devices are connected expressly for the purpose of gathering and sharing information about themselves, about the environment in which they’re used, and about the people who use them.

  • 11 IoT trends to watch in 2019

    11 IoT trends to watch in 2019

    We’ve seen enormous leaps in IoT technology this year so what’s in store for 2019? Here are some trends to keep an eye on.

  • Smart street lighting webinar

    Smart street lighting webinar

    How can connected street lighting help cities achieve their smart ambitions? This is just one of the questions addressed in our latest webinar.

  • Successful IoT implementations

    Successful IoT implementations

    Time to showcase some amazing IoT implementations and look at the impact they are making across industries.

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  • Interact IoT Platform

    Interact IoT Platform

    Find out more about the benefits Interact IoT Platform and connected lighting can bring you, your customers, citizens and employees.

  • Case studies

    Case studies

    Overview of our Interact case studies.