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Interact City powers Jakarta’s smart city transformation

City of Jakarta


The first phase of the project, a significant milestone in Jakarta’ ongoing transformation into a smart city, involved upgrading 90,000 street lights to energy-efficient LED and connecting them with remote management software in just 7 months, making it one of the fastest street lighting retrofits to date. The second phase brings the number of upgraded street lights to 150,000, all centrally controlled and managed by Interact City lighting asset management software. It is the largest smart street lighting project in Southeast Asia.

We are convinced that smart connected lighting and Interact City software will help us reduce our energy expenses and improve public services.”


- DKI Jakarta, Government Office

Customer challenge

With over nine million inhabitants, Jakarta is one of the world’s most populous and fastest growing urban centers. Before the smart lighting upgrade, the city’s streets and public areas relied almost entirely on conventional lighting technology with no remote monitoring capabilities. In such an enormous city, this kind of system became very difficult to manage.

Data and Insight

The Interact City software installation meant Jakarta could:


  • Upgrade approximately 50% of its lighting by replacing inefficient mercury-vapor lamps with high quality, energy-efficient LEDs
  • Control and monitor its new street lights remotely
  • Generate new insight into the operation and optimization of a key city resource


The city-wide renewal, one of the world’s biggest and fastest ever, consisted of installing new energy-efficient LED luminaires and connecting the remaining street lighting to the Interact City lighting management software. The installation was completed in just seven months, which meant the city could start enjoying Interact City’s benefits in record time.

Each light point is connected to the connected lighting system architecture, and performance data is sent through existing networks to the city’s lighting office or operator. The data enables city officials to efficiently monitor the city’s lighting infrastructure and remotely manage illumination levels to match different needs by district. For example, in the evening when traffic is low, Jakarta’s lighting office can dim the lighting by 50%, resulting in additional energy savings. Interact City dashboards enable operators to have access to the latest luminaire status updates, get automatic failure notifications and send repair crews only when and where needed, improving operational efficiency.

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