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    What it means to connect

    Connecting with a greener future

    Cities account for around 70% of global CO2 emissions. So it’s vital you put the right smart systems in place, not only for the good of people today, but for future generations. With Interact City, you can become a leader in sustainability. The time for climate action is now.
    Why connected street lighting is key to the smart, sustainable city

    Northeast Group report: A phased approach to smart cities

    Northeast Group details how cities can begin with connected street lighting, then build smart infrastructure in phases, delivering key benefits at every step.
    Driving sustainability breakthroughs with the IoT

    Driving sustainability breakthroughs with the IoT

    Creating a sustainable city is high on the agenda of city authorities around the world. But it requires a fundamental shift in thinking on the part of governments and people alike. Here are some ways in which the IoT can drive positive change.   
    NYPA case study

    NYPA brings smart street lighting to the State of New York

    NYPA is on a mission to convert half a million street lights to connected LED. With Interact City, municipalities are minimizing energy usage and emissions while laying the groundwork for the connected future.
    How Interact City does it

    Become a sustainable smart city 

    Interact City saves energy while laying the foundation for a more connected city. Your smart street lighting opens the door for citywide IoT capabilities that will support sustainability initiatives now and in the future.
    Interact City brochure

    Discover Interact City 

    Interact City creates the framework for a more sustainable operation. By reducing your energy costs, you can redirect funds towards other areas of your business. Download the brochure to learn more about what Interact City can do for you.
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