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Interact Industry

Future-ready your business


Interested in creating a smart warehouse? Or smart manufacturing facility or logistics facility? Interact industry provides a platform for innovation so you can improve efficiency, productivity and safety. Our suite of lighting management and value-added operational applications extends the value of connected lighting through insights and data, while centralized lighting management lets you reduce operational expenses, track compliance and plan maintenance. No more guesswork. Just real-time, data-based decisions.

What is possible

lighting asset management

Lighting management and energy optimization


Improve energy efficiency and reduce operational costs with the ability to oversee and manage connected lighting across a single factory, warehouse or your entire supply chain. The Interact Industry asset management dashboard gives you central control over your lighting assets for easy recommissioning, performance monitoring and predictive maintenance.

scene management

Scene management


Improve productivity and operational safety through light settings that can be adapted to task, time of day, or shift patterns. Interact Industry scene management lets you program connected lighting remotely by zone, schedule or activity. Create an energizing smart warehouse or factory while improving safety and quality control.

indoor navigation

Indoor navigation


Use customized software apps to help workers navigate their work space, follow step-by-step instructions or plan activity flows in the most efficient way using Interact Industry Indoor navigation software. Hyper-accurate indoor positioning technology in the connected lighting allows you to track activities in real time, aggregating the data to gain insight into how to optimize workflows, order picking, logistics and production.

space management

Space management


Streamline order picking and speed up delivery by optimizing your factory or warehouse layout. Interact Industry space management gathers real-time data via connected lighting to reveal precisely how areas are used, providing heatmap visualizations to guide inventory strategies and productivity improvements.

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    Interact IoT Platform

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