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IoT Lighting

Welcome to intelligent lighting


We are the leading lighting company for the Internet of Things (IoT). By analyzing and creating value from data acquired from connected light points, sensors and devices embedded in our lighting systems we deliver operational improvements, beyond illumination applications, and value-added services for our customers.

Interact IoT platform is open, scalable and secure. The platform:

  • manages user and device security, authentication, and authorization
  • enables the ingestion, storage, governance and analysis of data
  • powers real-time, historical and predictive analytics
  • generates insights and reports


APIs enable the lighting software and system architecture to share data back and forth between LED light points, sensors, and our IoT platform. Creating a two-way communication stream over the connected lighting network.

Interact is also the name of our connected lighting systems supported by the Interact IoT platform. These connected lighting systems include lighting management and value-added operational applications that deliver tangible customer benefits.  

Applications include such things as space management within offices, in-store customer navigation in shops and malls, crowd management in stadiums, and building analysis of energy use and carbon footprint across multiple business sites.

We’re working to add more business areas to the Interact IoT platform and expand the application capabilities to give customers an extended range of lighting and beyond lighting benefits.

Interact IoT Platform infographic
  • Interact IoT Platform

    Interact IoT Platform

    Find out more about the benefits Interact IoT Platform and connected lighting can bring you, your customers, citizens and employees.

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    System areas

    Philips Lighting makes getting a great, business-effective lighting solution a simple process. Have a look at our lighting solutions per system area.