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Light up your store with new experiences


Store lighting. It’s everywhere. What if it could support new operational efficiencies, enhanced store experience and generate data for in-depth retail analytics. Interact Retail enabled by connected LED lighting lets you do all this and more. Create stunning and flexible retail spaces, trigger specific shopper behaviors through zoning and layers of light, deliver location-based offers to shoppers on their smart phone via your store app. Now that’s smart retail.

Case study: Mediamarkt

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Case study: EDEKA

Gaimersheim, Germany

Case study: aswaaq

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What is possible

lighting management

Lighting management and energy optimization


Simplify lighting maintenance and reduce energy costs with Interact Retail. Staff can easily manage connected lighting with an app that configures, groups and schedules lighting plus receives alerts. Use Interact Retail to monitor lighting and energy usage across one or a chain of stores with analytics to optimize operations, reduce costs and plan maintenance.

scene management

Scene management


Beautiful quality light is essential to a great retail experience. Create an unforgettable store using light recipes and zoning to highlight promotions, customer events or tailor areas to specific audiences. Interact Retail Scene management lets you create stopping power through color and movement both inside and outside the store. It’s the smart retail way to build your brand and customer loyalty.

indoor navigation

Indoor navigation and location analytics


Personalized, convenient shopping and new staff efficiencies through Interact Retail Indoor navigation. Hyper-accurate indoor positioning, powered by technology embedded in LED luminaires, directs shoppers and enables location-based services such as location based promotions and requesting assistance for shoppers. And supports staff efficiency with improved workflows. Use the retail data collected about shopper and staff traffic flows and behaviors to improve store layout and operations.

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  • Interact IoT Platform

    Interact IoT Platform

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