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    Smart cities: beyond the hype

    A research report from Smart Cities World

    Cities around the world want to use technology to improve life for citizens as well as drive operational efficiencies to make better use of resources.

    They aspire to be more sustainable, resilient, safer, greener and energy efficient and to alleviate urban ills such as congestion, air pollution and rising crime. They are also striving to banish digital divides and create more inclusive places.


    How close are cities to achieving these aims and what are the lessons learned so far?


    Which approaches are proving most successful? Which vertical applications are cities prioritizing and deriving most success from? What are the challenges to achieving a truly integrated smart city? And where do we go next?


    These are some of the questions explored in a report prepared for Interact by Smart Cities World in 2019. Findings based on a survey of 105 respondents who fall into one of two groups: the first are city leaders and the second are executives from telecommunications companies, systems integrators and other suppliers.

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